Thoughts on Simulacra


Some people have this model where children first learn how to use words to represent truth (i.e., the shared map of the world). However, in my experience, from day 1 kids use words to manipulate parents. At first, they just babble in a way that sounds like words. But pretty soon they realize that this babbling has an effect on the people around them. Eventually they learn to form actual words…but they aren’t using those words to tell the truth. Kids say what their little brains view as the most likely thing to get them what they want, regardless of whether it has any relation to the truth.

Shape Rotators and Wordcels

Again from the Zvi:


The Zvi also points to someone that compares deep learning to shape rotation and cryptotech to wordcels, respectively.


A few years ago I took a test called the LSAT to get into law school. The purpose of the LSAT is to see if you can complex words, strip them of their meaning, rotate them around until they mean what you want, and then put them into a really simple shape called a syllogism. In other words, it’s word rotation. This is a hard task for both shape rotators (who like their shapes to be made of simple and concrete things ) and for wordcels (who don’t like to rotate things).



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