Political Neutrality

A Brief History of My Politics

Not really my school
This is what I did in the Air Force

Tribal Polarization

Like many others, my views on politics had to be seriously corrected after Trump’s victory in 2016. Trump was a complete ass, and even though I wasn’t excited about Clinton’s tax proposals, I didn’t see how anyone could actually vote for the man. Also, I didn’t really know anyone who openly supported him.

Political as Fandom

Until recently my position couldn’t really be described as political neutrality. Rather, it would be better described as something like political fandom. Specifically, I was a fan of the Libertarian team. Unfortunately, it turns out Libertarians never win and those that do tend to focus on issues, like returning to the gold standard, that don’t really resonate with me. Anyway, being a fan of the Libertarian team is like being a fan of the Cleveland Browns.

Politics as Addiction

Still, the claim that we all need to be more involved politically in order to combat racism got me thinking. Do I have a moral responsibility to be more political? Even though some of the biggest mistakes of my life were made trying to develop some kind of political identity?

Political Humility

Let’s return to the idea of defunding the police for moment. When I first heard this, I thought it was insane. But, I thought, I might as well look into to it to find out why someone would make such a radical proposal. Surely there must be some version of it that makes sense in some world, right?

Politics as Density Wave

Ok, before I close out this post, I want to provide one more analogy based on a recent fact that I learned about the the relationship between the Sun and the Milky Way galaxy. Namely, that our local spiral arm moves at a different speed around the galaxy than the sun itself…kind of like how a traffic jam can move at a different speed than the cars.



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