Moral Debt and Spiritual Equity

This post is a follow-up to my post on Kin Egoism.

Consider the following analogy:

Altruism is like debt and Egoism is like equity.

First, what are debt and equity? For a company, debts are obligations to (typically) external entities (i.e., who the company owes). On the other hand, equity is how ownership (and thus, profit) of the company is distributed (i.e., who the company is).

Morality describes the obligations you have to society. Thus, morality in general, including altruism, is like debt. Egoism relates to the desires of the self, so it is like your equity.

Your Surplus Goes to Equity

That is, like a business, we must satisfy our external obligations first, and whatever we do with the remainder is, by analogy, the equity share. It is a reflection of your true identity.

Tithing and Consecration

God and Caesar

But consider the interpretation that what you owe Caesar is like a debt (i.e., it represents a limited social obligation). And what you owe God is more like equity. In the end, we all consecrate our lives to something (because the surplus always goes somewhere). That thing — the owner of your self — is your God.



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