Up until very recently, I had no use for the concept of Anarchy. Now I embrace it (or at least one version of it). Let me tell you what changed.

I used to think that Anarchy was untenable for two reasons:

When I was young I was worried about death. I wasn’t worried about my imminent death, rather, I was concerned that the very possibility of death could render life meaningless.

I had this model of being where each moment was brought to life by a purpose, but that each purpose…

Sovereign nomads are people that periodically move from place to place to avoid subjugation by nation states. Because they refuse to worship the state, they must seek out places where nations allow them to live in peace.

My ancestors were nomads. Some of my ancestors left Europe for greater opportunities…

The Free City of Braavos, from the TV series Game of Thrones

The other day I read a question in the discord for the build_ DAO. Namely, what would the ideal city look like?

To answer this question I want to start with a few constraints. Namely, I want to describe what a city would look like if it were inhabited by…

Recently we have been experimenting with a new stability control system based on the PID controller model. For background on PID controllers, I recommend this video:

Two essential questions to ask when designing a PID controller are:


Patent Attorney, Crypto Enthusiast, Father of two daughters

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